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Demi XG1020

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Compact and light weight, perfect for on-site work
SATA 3Gbps supported portable, high speed and high performance duplicator

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Compact, light weight and slim design

Main unit weight is approx. 1.4kg, high performance in just A4-size body. Provides high portability.

High speed data transfer

Provides high speed data transfer at 10GB/minute. Enables high speed processing at original device speed. * Varies according to performance of connected devices.

Error skip copy function

Copy to the target by skipping bad sectors on original HDD.

Reverse copy function

Start with copying the last half of HDD, then move on to the first half of HDD as first half of HDD are where read errors may occur. Suitable for data restore.

Hash value calculation function MD5, SHA1 and SHA256

Compares original data and copied data using hash values.

Deletion function compliant with various standards

Supports NSA (National Security Agency) recommended method and DoD (Department of Defense) compliance method.

Quick diagnostic function

Verify/read/write/S.M.A.R.T check

Application examples (for the following departments or cases)

  • Law enforcement: Evidence preservation and analysis for seized items
  • Solution service department: On-site data deletion service for server computers
  • Information system department: Master HDD creation for server and client computers




Product Name

Demi XG1020

Model Type


Outer Dimension

W260 x D230 x H34 (mm)


Approx. 1,4 Kg (Main unit only)

Power Source

AC100V- 240V 50/60HZ (Use included AC adapter)

Comsumption Current

1.6A (Max.)

Enviromental Temperature

Temperature 10 degC-35 degC      Humidity 20-80 % (No condensation)

Number of Targets Connected

For copy        1 (1:1)

For deletion   2

For diagnosis 2


For Communications LAN (1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)

For Logs          USB2.0

HDD                SATA 3Gbps

Main Functions

Entire area copy and compare, Used area copy and compare (FAT, NTFS, EXT3), Error skip copy, Reverse copy, Cross copy (ATA SATA), Specified volume CLIP, Hash value calculation, HDD date deletion, HDD quick diagnosis



AC power cable/adapter (AC2P -> 3P connector included) x 1, SATA Interface cable x 2, User's manual (CD-ROM) x 1

Volitelná rozšíření

  • Main unit weight: Approx. 1.4kg, A4-size slim design
  • High speed data transfer (10GB/min)*
  • Error skip copy function
  • Reverse copy function
  • Hash value calculation function
  • NS A recommended, DoD compliant deletion method supported

*Varies according to performance of connected devices.

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