Personal data protection

Dataflex Security Privacy Policy, s.r.o .. For more information, see the General Terms and Conditions in Section VII. concerning the protection of personal data.

I. Who processes your data?

Dataflex Security, s.r.o., registered office Lužná 716/2, 160 00 Praha 6, IČ: 03631061, VAT No .: CZ03631061, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Commercial Court in Prague, Section C, File 235086.

II. What kind of personal information do we process?

Dataflex Security, s.r.o. publishes on its site information about the products and services it offers, and information about our company contacts, basic information about our company. All of this information is available without requiring any personal information from site visitors.
The site contains a contact form that helps us quickly contact our visitor. A name, email, and message will be sent. The form will send the entered data by e-mail to the address where the data will be used to contact the visitor. In addition, the sent data will be stored in the Traffic History Database. The data uploaded will be handled in accordance with the privacy protection of the data.

Dataflex Security, s.r.o. offers the possibility to subscribe to the Newsletter. After registration, an email contact, an IP address from which a login has been made and an event history (login, logout, sent newsletters) are stored in the database. Whenever you can do or request a subscription from newsletter via contact

Due to the nature of the e-shop, it is necessary to enter the personal data necessary for the execution of the order in order to execute the order in the extent stipulated by the law. Provision of data is a necessary condition for registration, purchase of goods and is in contact with the merchant (email, phone, personal meeting) or filling in the registration form. By doing so, you voluntarily agree to their processing.

We process only the personal data you provide to us in connection with the use of our services (for example, within the order, offer, warranty / post-guarantee claim) and the execution of a business transaction.

These are the following: billing information (name, surname, address, bank), delivery address (name, surname, address), contact person (name, surname), telephone number, email address.
We use Google Analytics third party cookies on our site to analyze the traffic to that specific website. These cookies are managed by third parties and Dataflex Security, s.r.o. has no access to read or write this data. We only look at Google Analytics traffic analytics and do not process the information. For more information, see Cookies and how to use them.

III. Cookies and their use

Cookies are small data files that make the visited websites remember the actions and settings of individual users who have made them, so they do not need to re-enter the data. Cookies are stored on individual computers using a web browser. Cookies are not a hazard, they do not serve to get any sensitive personal information, but they are important for privacy protection.

We do not use cookies on our site except for analyzing traffic using Google Analytics. Google Analytics cookies are only used to analyze traffic to that specific website or specific service. These cookies are managed by third parties and Dataflex Security, s.r.o. has no access to read or write this data.

Due to the nature of e-shop, it is necessary to use the Cookies for the realization of the registration and the order for the realization of the product or service order. These cookies serve to ensure the functionality of the shopping cart type, registration, logging, sending the order without registration, ...

You as a user can reject cookies. If your browser is allowed to use cookies, we will assume that you agree to use standard Google Analytics cookies and cookies to store your site's language settings.

IV. Why do we process your personal information?

The main reason we process your personal information is the implementation of a business transaction and the delivery of goods. Next, an addressable offer of products and services.

We further use your data for:
• improving the quality of our services and developing new ones
• Performing analyzes and measurements to determine how our products and services are used
• increase the security of your personal information
• Sending business messages and newsletters, including the offer of products and services (opt-out of business messages can be done by email at

V. Who will have access to your data?

Your data is safe and accessible to Dataflex Security, s.r.o. as well as contractual partners ensuring the running and support of company information systems. We carefully select our contractual partners on the basis of the ability to provide you with the technical and organizational security of your data to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to your data or other misuse.

The third parties that may have access to your personal data are:
• External administrators and IT support providers.

Under certain strictly defined conditions, we are required to transfer some of your personal data under valid legal regulations, such as the Czech Police, other authorities involved in criminal proceedings, including specialized departments (UCOZ, Customs, etc.) and other public authorities.

In order to fulfill the contractual relationship on the delivery of the goods and your consent, we may transmit information about the delivery address, including the email contact and the telephone to our contracted carriers.

VI. How are my personal data secured?

All personal information you provide is secured by standard procedures and technologies. However, it is not objectively possible to fully guarantee the security of your personal data. Therefore, it is not even possible to ensure that personal data provided can not be accessed by a third party, can not be copied, published, altered or destroyed by breaking our security measures.

In this regard, however, we assure you that we regularly check that the system is free from vulnerabilities and is not exposed to attacks and that we use such safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data as far as possible and provide, in the light of current state of technology, security. The security measures adopted are then regularly updated.

In order to better protect your personal data in business systems, access to these data is protected by a password, and the data is encrypted during transmission between your browser and our website.
Without your help and responsible behavior, however, we are not able to fully guarantee the security of your data. So help us ensure the security of your data by keeping your unique passwords and other access information for our services secret and by following the basic security guidelines.

VII. How long do we process your data?

We will process your data from the point of view of the already executed business transaction on the basis of your consent and legal obligations for a period of 10 years.

Data obtained through registration and gain access to business systems are collected until the customer requests by email or written about deleting their data from our database. Provision of data is a necessary condition for the registration and purchase of goods and is by contact (email, phone) with the merchant or filling in the registration forms.

VIII. How and when can you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data?

Your voluntary consent to the processing of personal data at registration can be withdrawn at any time free of charge by sending an email to: Revocation of consent is without prejudice to the possibility to continue processing your personal data based on your consent, which was given prior to its revocation. Revocation of consent also has no effect on the processing of personal data that we process on a legal basis other than consent (ie, in particular, if the processing is necessary to fulfill the contract, legal obligation or for other reasons stated in the applicable legislation).

IX. What are your rights to privacy?

In relation to your personal data, you have the following rights in particular:
• the right to withdraw your consent at any time;
• the right to correct or add personal information;
• the right to request processing restrictions;
• the right to object or complaint against processing in certain cases;
• the right to request data transfer;
• the right of access to personal data;
• the right to be informed of personal data breaches in certain cases;
• the right to delete personal data (the right to be "forgotten") in certain cases
• other rights set out in the Personal Data Protection Act and in the General Personal Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 after its entry into force.

X. What does it mean you have the right to object?

If you do not like to receive from us from time to time any business announcements or other news information in our product and service portfolio, you have the opportunity to object to the further processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If you do so, we will not process your data for this purpose, and we will not send you further business messages or newsletters.

For more information on this right, see in particular Article 21 of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection No. 2016/679.

You can unsubscribe from receiving business messages by email at

XI. How can you contact us?

In the case of any personal data protection query or withdrawal of consent to further processing of your personal data, please use the contact email address or contact us in writing at our address: Dataflex Security, sro, with its registered office at Lužná 716/2, 160 00 Praha 6, to the attention of the Data Protection Officer.

In this regard, we would like to alert you that we may want you to prove your identity to us in an appropriate way so that we can verify your identity. This is a precautionary security measure to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal data. In order to increase the quality of service and keep records of our statutory obligations, all communications are monitored with you.